Utilizing Matt's fifteen years of real estate experience and ten years of broker knowledge, Matt Ramsey Auctions is offering Wyoming and South Dakota real estate property owners the ability to maintain control of the selling process through auctions.  Selling real estate by auction is becoming more prevalent, accepted, and profitable everyday and has two distinct advantages. First, an auction will at minimum provide the seller with a bona fide offer (i.e. the winning bidder has said, "I will give you this much for your property."). Second, if real estate or other assets need to be sold for an estate, bankruptcy or other event requiring oversight, the auction method assures the best possible exposure and price available. Auctions can also provide a time-definite sales process, if needed.

Matt Ramsey Auctions’ services are ideal for selling individual and company owned real estate assets across the spectrum. Auctions are also an ideal way for public entities, local, state, or federal governments to dispose of assets with transparency.

Ideal Properties to be Sold at Auction

  • Residential Single-Family Homes
  • Residential/Commercial Rental Property
  • Commercial and Business Property
  • Vacant Land and Lots
  • Farm and Ranch Properties

We will team with you to sell your land, property, and equipment. The goal of our partnership is to have an enjoyable selling experience while achieving the best value for any real estate sold in Wyoming and South Dakota, turning your property into cash!

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