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Auctions: The First Choice for Selling

Matt Ramsey Auctions is now serving Eastern Wyoming and Western South Dakota! Based in Newcastle, Wyoming, we specialize in online auctions, the fastest growing auction format in America! We will provide the best auction service, online or live, for all your selling needs (e.g. farm and ranch equipment, antiques, real estate, personal property, business liquidations, etc.). Have only a few items to sell? We offer the benefits (e.g. exposure and profitability) of a large auction with our online and live-consignment auctions!

Real Estate Auctions


Auctions are the ideal way to sell your real estate properties. Our professional marketing strategies shorten the time it takes to sell and creates a more precise purchasing opportunity for buyers. By utilizing online auction methods, we amplify the reach and exposure of your assets and match them to the most qualified buyers. Auctions also eliminate the inefficiencies related to multiple showings, fruitless negotiations, and extended sales periods.

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Our Promise


We promise to bring experience, integrity, innovation, and outstanding auction services to all our business dealings. The talented staff at Matt Ramsey Auctions has the tools to handle all types of auction property or traditional real estate transactions in today’s marketplace. Whether you are selling or buying real or personal property, we are prepared to work for you.


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Why Sell at Auction?

Gone are the days when auctions were only utilized to sell properties or items that could not be sold any other way. Auctions create unique opportunities for sellers: they reduce marketing time and costs, are a powerful method for obtaining fair market value, and provide an immediate confirmation of sale.

Contact us today and we can discuss which auction option is the best for your needs: online or live. We have the know-how and advertising capabilities to make your auction a complete success and we will find the best way to turn your property into cash!

Why Buy at Auction

Bidders from around the world are able to take advantage of technology advancements. Online auctions give the benefit of minimizing negotiations between the buyer and seller while creating an open, fair, and non-discriminatory bidding environment, which assures fair market price through competitive bidding.

Watch out for our advertising! There is no better way to get the best-deal or fair price on almost any personal property or real estate than by an auction.


Next Steps...

Contact us today to discuss your buying and selling needs. We are excited to team with you to create the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to convert your assets into fair-market-value cash.