Meet the Matt Ramsey Auctions Team

Matt Ramsey

Founder & Owner

Although being relatively new to the auction business, Matt Ramsey is not new to business or auctions. in 1984, Matt opened his first business in Custer, South Dakota, and has not looked back. In addition, seventeen years of real estate experience and twelve years as a broker make him one of the foremost business experts in Weston County, Wyoming. This short introduction to Matt solidifies two things: Matt never turns down and opportunity to expand his enterprise and forming new business relationships by way of offering reputable services to those interested in what his reputation has to offer. 
From the days of attending farm sales as a boy with his father, Matt has reveled in the excitement of auctions: makin' a deal and gettin' a steal. The memories of days past accompanying his father ultimately led him to take on the business adventure of opening Foothills Trading Post in Hermosa, South Dakota, in 2012. This six-year experience of buying and selling has become his way of life, an unquenchable passion. 
The totality of Matt's successes and setbacks in the business world is where he draws his confidence and fortitude to take on the auction industry. There is no doubt success is in the horizon as Matt's well of expertise spans the greater part of the past four decades. Matt anxiously awaits the opportunity to assist you in hitting your mark as a seller or buyer.

Briana Smellie


Briana Smellie brightens the operations of any business undertaking with her personality alone, but there is much more to this young, up-and-coming professional. She got her start in the business world at Elmore County Eyecare of Idaho, in 2010, where she regularly averaged more than $20,000 in monthly sales. Being married to a Veteran and raising her four children were not enough to deter her from starting her own business in 2014: Briana’s Addiction LLC. From 2014 to 2016, Briana operated as a Professional Makeup Artist throughout the state of Utah, and was recognized as one of the top professionals in the industry by ABC Good 4 Utah. Through hard work, grit, determination, and professional service she ensured her business was profitable in its first year of operation, and more than doubled her business investment in less than two years. Her husband’s career change from the United States Air Force to law enforcement is how Briana made her way to Newcastle, WY, in 2018. The collective business skills she has garnered over the past eight years has now teamed with Matt Ramsey Auctions. The team’s goal is to provide the highest quality of professional service available in the industry, and buyers/sellers can expect exceptional return on their investment with this team’s combined effort.